Friday, August 24, 2012

Fishing and Volleyball

We had lots of fun with the Goodfellow grandchildren today. Since we missed Kayla and Kylie's birthday party, we wanted to do something special with them. They wanted to go to the local nature park and fish. Even though the weather was drizzly, we went anyway.

Kylie is our most avid fisher-woman
Grandpa watches his girls fish.

Kylie catches one!

Melissa keeps her eye on the weather

Kayla takes her own pictures.

Silly Kristen

Gary got to fish for a few minutes while the girls were occupied.

Another fish for Kylie

Kayla catches a little guy

Close-up of Kayla's catch

Kristen is under the cow umbrella.

After our fishing trip the girls wanted to play volleyball with Grandpa and their daddy. Their newly acquired kitty decided to watch from a nearby tree. What fun!

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